My order is marked delivered but it hasn't arrived yet

You've received an email stating that your order has been 'delivered' but when you head to your mailbox or the porch, it's nowhere to be found. What gives? It might feel like it's time to panic but don't worry, odds are, you will still receive your order. 

First off, it's quite likely that your order was just marked 'delivered' prematurely and that it's still on the way to you. It's a safe bet to wait another day before considering your package's whereabouts unknown. 

Another possibility is that your local postal worker just left it with a neighbor or hid the package on your property. In this case, we recommend taking a quick look around your property and checking in with your neighbors to see if they have it, although hopefully, they'll walk it over to you if they have it. 

The last option that we recommend is to call your local post office with your tracking number and ask if they have any additional information about your order. If you purchased shipping insurance with your order, we can send out a free replacement. Otherwise, you will need to place a new order if the shipping courier cannot locate your package.

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